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Express Entry: Fast Track Your Immigration Application In Canada

Canadian express entry is defined as an expedited Canadian immigration application that is completed online. Those accepted under an express entry program will be allowed to enter the country and apply for permanent residency on a fast-tracked timeline. If you believe you are a skilled immigrant or a semi skilled immigrant with highly relevant job skills, you may qualify for this program.

How does the online EE application work?

The Canadian express entry system works by first completing an application where your credentials will be ranked on a points-based system. Those individuals that are highly ranked will be considered eligible for the Canadian express entry visa and will be invited to continue their permanent resident application as a skilled immigrant.

After you have applied for your permanent residency via this application, processing times can take up to six months.

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Does Express Entry Work Alongside Other Immigration Programs?

Yes, this online system can be used in junction with other Canadian immigration programs. Those programs included in the express entry process are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Do I Qualify for EE?

Many people every year come to us with the question, how do I know if I qualify? Individuals that qualify for a Canadian EE program must meet certain requirements. You will be assigned points based on your educational and work experience. The following points below will be used to calculate your score:

  • Your educational credentials
  • Language abilities (English and/or French)
  • Skilled work experience
  • Age
  • Do you have a Canadian job offer
  • Family history
After submitting a complete application to Canada, your profile will be entered into a system along with everyone else. Based on your rankings, you will be ordered in the correct position within that group or pool of candidates. Those individuals who maintain a high ranking within the pool of candidates will be given an invitation to apply for permanent residence. This invitation is only sent to high-ranking individuals who have been deemed a potential asset to the economy of Canada.

Should I Apply for Express Entry?

Anyone looking to enter into Canada quickly should apply for EE. The program is highly objective and purely based on your ability to be an asset to the Canadian economy. It is encouraged that you apply for express entry to help ease the load on the Canadian labor market

An interesting note is that those within the pool of express entry candidates can simultaneously improve their ranking by furthering their education or work experience goals while waiting to receive an invitation.

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