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Immigrating to Canada Is Easier Than You Think

The Canadian government stands as a shining example of how a policy of openness can serve to enhance the internal economy and quality of life in the country as a whole. Over the next 3 years, the Canadian Government is set to welcome over 1 million new immigrants across a diverse set of immigration programs.


Canada offers all immigrants over 80 different ways to legally immigrate to Canada. If you have a dream of living a life in Toronto or Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada, we want to hear from you. Our consultants are waiting to serve you!


Immigration Programs

Economic Immigration Programs

Out of the many programs that Canada offers, the majority fall under economic immigration. Canada‘s economic immigration programs were designed to help people immigrate to Canada for the purposes of work and education. Depending on your skill level as a worker or educational plan, you may be able to immigrate under an economic immigration program.

Business Immigration Programs

There are numerous opportunities to immigrate to Canada under one of the business immigration programs. With over a dozen routes to help you obtain permanent residence, there is certainly a pathway for your specific circumstance. If you have a certain set of business management skills and wish to immigrate under a business immigration program, contact us immediately.

Investor Programs

Canadian investor programs are for individuals who have a high net worth and wish to invest heavily into the Canadian economy. If this sounds like an option for you, we will help you achieve your investors’ visa and entry into Canada ASAP.



Entrepreneur Programs

Canada recognizes that there are many talented and intelligent individuals following the entrepreneurial path. Based on this fact, Canada offers those individuals with a proven track record of successful entry into Canada. If you have a certain startup you have created, a business idea that has been proven or engineering talent you wish to pursue, we may be able to help you with an entrepreneur visa.

Self-Employed Programs

The Canadian economy welcomes individuals that are willing to contribute in the form of paying their fair share in taxes. If you are a proven self-employed individual with a track record of years working for yourself, you can qualify for the self-employed business program. You will be required to present documented proof as well as declare your intent to continue your self-employed ventures upon achieving permanent residence in Canada.

Family Sponsorship Programs

Many individuals living in Canada wish to bring their family members from abroad. This is a very common occurrence and falls under the family sponsorship program. If you want to be reunited with your loved ones as soon as possible, contact our Canadian immigration consultants today.



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